Runner srl introduces an innovative software of management to set-up and control the data of some cardio machines connected to one PC.

Runner Srl, always careful to innovation and cooperation with medical and sport centers, has elaborated the RunnerConnect software that allows to have and manage on PC monitor the data of some cardio machines connected in the net. The machines can be connected by RS232 cable or WiFi.
RunnerConnect software of management can be used with every RUNNER cardio machine (bike, step, arm-jogging, arm-ergometer and treadmill) to manage the different inputs coming from the connected machines and it’s useful for who has necessity to keep controlled the training or test carried out from many persons together. The set-up parameters can be monitored from PC, changing them in case of necessity.
This software records Time, Heart Rate, Distance, Calories, Speed and Inclination of treadmills or Rpm and Watt of other cardio machines.
During the exercise, the operator can check that Heart Rate isn’t over the max set-up value otherwise the machine screen becomes orange and PC screen becomes yellow as alarm.
The informations flow coming from the cardio machines net goes to PC that stores and makes them available to control staff for saving into Excel and pdf files.
RunnerConnect software needs OS MS Windows 2000 or successive, revealing a precious allied for the medical centres that make rehabilitation or stress tests and gyms that want to follows the athlets with increasing trainings.

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